Hydrophobic polyurethane grouting material
  • Hydrophobic polyurethane grouting material

Appearance Transparent Brown Liquid
Density 1.132 g/cm3
Viscosity 290 mpa.s
Nonvolatile Content 83%
Foaming Capacity 2295%
Time of solidification 515s
Compressive Strength 28


Best quality of R-668 Hydrophobic polyurethane grouting material / Polyurethane (chemical grouts) is a single component , low viscosity, hydrophobic water cut-off grout and soil stabilization grout based on a MDI (Methylene Diphenyldiisocyanate) polyurethane, it is a closed cell polyurethane foam injection resin .

  • Injection material(hydrophilic polyurethane grouting material)

Appearance Transparent light yellow liquid
Density 1.112 g/cm3
Viscosity 760 mpa.s
The times of absorbing water 86 s
Nonvolatile Content 81%
Foaming Capacity 552%
Gel Time 54s
Water swelling ratio 77%


Chemical grouting for water stopping repairs and soil stabilization for commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications , this product injection materail (hydrophilic polyurethane grouting material) / Water soluble PU is a Single component, low viscosity, high flexible hydrophilic polyurethane gel injection resin

Injection material(hydrophilic polyurethane grouting material))
EP-02 Epoxy Resin
  • EP-02 Epoxy Resin 

Model EP-02
Appearance Colorless transparent or light brown transparent liquid
Mixing Ratio 5:1
Shear Strength 7.2 MPa
Tensile Strength 25 MPa
Compresive Strength 72 MPa
Bonding Strength 4.1 MPa


Professional Manufacturer of  epoxy resin is a low viscosity, two liquid, room temperature cure epoxy resin for injection repair, fast bear of weight strong adhesion, widely used for reinforcement and anti-seismic of tunnel and subway.


Hydrophilic Polyurethane Grouting Material

  • This product is a single component, low-solvent structure flexible polyurethane grouts, it can be rapid expansion once react with water , and seal the crack; it can also be used in conjunction with the small amount of catalyst according to the actual construction requirments to adjust the reactive speed,  then get the perfect waterproof effect.

Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grouting Material

  • Hydrophobic Polyurethane Foaming Agent is a single component hydrophobic water cut-off grout and soil stabilization grout based on a MDI (Methylene Diphenyldiisocyanate) polyurethane. The cured material is semi flexible and of a constant volume. Since water is not a component of the foam structure, the cured material is essentially not effected by water or dryness. The reacted material does not shrink or swell.

EP-02 Epoxy Resin

  • Rubor epoxy resin is low viscosity ,double liquid, normal temperature sclerosis products, mainly used in crack repair of concrete structure , After hardening, low heat release, small shrinkage, excellent adhesion to various structures, especially to the concrete. By means of mechanical perfusion (high pressure) or syringe injection (low pressure), it can be deeply penetrated into cracks of the structure, the effect of repair and reinforcement can be fully achieved, and restore the integrity of the structure, achieve the purpose of integration. it is also the reinforcement products of tunnul and Subway.

PU Foam Agent Character

  • The low viscosity in contact with water from a chemical reaction immediately and foam expansion.Ultra structural reinforcement,
  • high expansion ratio, toughness good, not contraction.
  • And substrate adhesion and chemical resistance (resistance to drinking water, sea water, wastewater dilution of the acid-base chemical supplies)
  • Contact with the drinking water of the region can also be used.
  • Used with single liquid high pressure grouting machine and other equipment.

PU Foam Agent Advantage

  • Good chemical resistant performance
  • Ultra-structure of elastic foam colloidal reinforcement
  • Good flexibility
  • Strong adhesion with the substrate
  • For single-fluid high-pressure grouting machine

Epoxy Resin Character

  • Specific gravity: 1.16±0.05
  • Mix ratio: base resin A:curing agent B=5:1 (Weight Ratio)
  • Valid time: 30mins (23℃±2℃)
  • Initial hardening:5 hours
  • Totally hardening: 3-7 days


  • Filling the tunnels, dams, basement, brick wood, dry, wet concrete member crack, actual bond all contact surfaces.
  • Crack injection for pressure  groundwater flow, with the use of catalysts to the formation in 2 minutes(water-based) , 10 minutes (oil-based) after contact with water can be completely foam expansion and solidification.


  • Wear protective equipment (gloves, masks, goggles) to avoid skin perfusion when in direct touch
  • If the fluid is smeared on your skin, wash it off immediately and clean up with flowing water.
  • If the fulid splash in to your eyes ,you should wash it with plenty of water and seek medical care immediately.


  • Recommended temperature for storage is 10~30℃ with no moisture. Keep it in cool and dry area. it can not be exposed under the sunshine and high temperature. shelf life is about 6 months in sealed condition.  Once seal is removed, then use it as soon as possible.

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