Hydrophobic polyurethane grouting material
  • Hydrophobic polyurethane grouting material

AppearanceTransparent Brown Liquid
Density1.132 g/cm3
Viscosity290 mpa.s
Nonvolatile Content83%
Foaming Capacity2295%
Time of solidification515s
Compressive Strength28


Best quality of R-668 Hydrophobic polyurethane grouting material / Polyurethane (chemical grouts) is a single component , low viscosity, hydrophobic water cut-off grout and soil stabilization grout based on a MDI (Methylene Diphenyldiisocyanate) polyurethane, it is a closed cell polyurethane foam injection resin .

  • Injection material(hydrophilic polyurethane grouting material)

AppearanceTransparent light yellow liquid
Density1.112 g/cm3
Viscosity760 mpa.s
The times of absorbing water86 s
Nonvolatile Content81%
Foaming Capacity552%
Gel Time54s
Water swelling ratio77%


Chemical grouting for water stopping repairs and soil stabilization for commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications , this product injection materail (hydrophilic polyurethane grouting material) / Water soluble PU is a Single component, low viscosity, high flexible hydrophilic polyurethane gel injection resin

Injection material(hydrophilic polyurethane grouting material))
EP-02 Epoxy Resin
  • EP-02 Epoxy Resin 

AppearanceColorless transparent or light brown transparent liquid
Mixing Ratio5:1
Shear Strength7.2 MPa
Tensile Strength25 MPa
Compresive Strength72 MPa
Bonding Strength4.1 MPa


Professional Manufacturer of  epoxy resin is a low viscosity, two liquid, room temperature cure epoxy resin for injection repair, fast bear of weight strong adhesion, widely used for reinforcement and anti-seismic of tunnel and subway.

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