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A: In general terms, Grouting is an injection under pressure of fluid material into fractures and cavities in rock, soil or artificial structures.

A: The purpose or aims of grouting includes:

  • Seepage control
  • Water plugging
  • Consolidation
  • To prevent landslide
  • To Reduce surface subsidence
  • Improve foundation bearing capacity
  • Backfill
  • Reinforcement

A: We are a Professional manufacturer of Waterproof materials from year 2008, our main products are Injection Packers, Grouting Pumps, Grouting materials(Polyurethane foam and Epoxy Resin), Cement spraying Machine .

A: Our factory locates in Jinhua, Zhejiang.

A: After you confirm model No and pay the sample charge, the sample will be ready for delivery in 5 days.

A: our minimum order is as below

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