What Is Injectioin Grouting Pumps Used For?

R-999 Grouting pumps

Portable electric injection grouting pumps are used in the construction, civil engineering, and mining industry for injecting PU, Epoxy resines, acrylic and other materialsinto cracks, joints and voids in concrete structures, such as buildings, bridges, dams, and tunnels. These pumps are typically lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, making them ideal for use in smaller […]

How To Chose The Qualified Injection Packers

injection packers

Choosing the right injection packer for a project can be a complex task, but it is important to ensure that the right equipment is used to ensure the success of the project. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an injection packers. Injection packers materials: Generally, there are 4 kind s of materials to make injection packers, aluminum, copper, steel, zinc alloy and plastic. […]

The Prospect Of Injection Packers

16x115mm steel pan head nipples

Injection packers are an essential component in many construction and repair projects, offering a versatile and reliable solution for sealing, grouting, and injecting grouting materials  in construction and geotechnical engineering for their versatility and ease of use. As the construction industry continues to evolve, the demand for these versatile tools is expected to grow, making […]

How We Gurantee The Lead Time

M15 One component grouting machine

We understand the importance of meeting customer expectations and delivering products and services on time. That’s why we make it our priority to provide fast and efficient service, while still ensuring the quality of our products. We guarantee the lead time for all of our products, and here’s how we make it happen. Planning and Preparation We […]

The Difference Between The Grease Coupler And The Button Head Coupler

grease gun coupler

Grease couplings and button head grease couplings are essential components in lubrication systems that help in the efficient flow of grease to various parts of machines and equipment. At the same time, they are widely used in waterproofing filed by injecting grouting materials to prevent leakage. Both grease coupler and button head grease coupler serve […]

What Is Grease Coupler?

grease gun coupler

A grease coupler is a type of fitting that is used in high-pressure injection grouting systems. Injection grouting is a process used in construction to stabilize or strengthen soil, rock, and concrete structures. This is achieved by injecting a mixture of cement, water, and other additives into the voids or cracks in the structure. One […]

NEW PRODUCT—Button Head Coupler

Button Head Coupler

We are pleased to announce that we launched a new product– Button head slide coupler/ Flat head coupler.  The most important is the operating pressure can reach 6000 PSI. Let us Introduce our new Button Head Slide Coupler! Button head slide coupler is widely used in many industrial and manufacturing applications, including machinery, equipment, and […]

Classification of Injection packers What kind of injection packers do you need?

injection packers

There are various kinds of injection packers in waterproofing injection filed. We are professional manufacturer and supplier for injection system products in China. We can provide different  injection packers for your injection work. Please find the following classification of grouting packers for your project. Different materials —-aluminum ,  steel, plastic and brass. Different diameter —from […]