Accessories of high pressure injection grouting machine – injection packers (grouting nozzle)

What is injection packers?

Injection packers, also known as grouting nozzle, It is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower , tunnel, municipal, industrial and civil construction and other fields, especially in the concrete Chemical grouts field. It is the major components of high-pressure chemical grouts technology.

Its principle is to use the continuous high pressure generated by the grouting machine to inject the chemicals  into the cracks of concrete, completely squeeze out the water in the cracks, and then completely fill the cracks, so as to achieve the purpose of water stop.


1. High pressure (generally up to more than 20Mpa) stable and reliable, it can make the chemical grouting completely into the concrete structure deep micro cracks inside, good water stop effect.

2. The grouting technology is mature and the varieties are complete. The slurry is resistant to chemical corrosion, non-toxic after curing, environmental protection, and can be permanently waterproof.

3. The construction process is simple and feasible. Construction speed is fast, the effect of water stop is immediate, once and for all. The labor intensity of the workers is small, and the construction efficiency is 5~10 times that of the traditional construction method, which is incomparable to the traditional method.

4. construction is not subject to seasonal, weather restrictions, can be used for a variety of projects, including maintenance, emergency repair engineering, drinking water engineering. The comprehensive construction cost is low and the economic benefit is remarkable.


1、 Rubber pad: grease coupler rubber pad using special rubber material (can resist high pressure impact), rubber pad does not broke under the high pressure.

2、Grease coupler  (excluding the traditional spiral way time-consuming), the pressure resistance can reach more than 10000PSI, four claws quick coupling to save time, by the pressure of pharmaceutical extrusion rubber rapid expansion, four claws will be grease nozzle closely wrapped attached.

3、Due to the construction process, the pressure is too high and the corrosion of chemical grouting materials, grease coupler rubber  is easy to damage. Therefore, during the construction process, damage is found, the rubber pad should be replaced in time, otherwise it will lead to leakage.

4、At the end of construction, when you clean the injection machine with cleaning agent, there is a corrosive effect on the rubber pad, the rubber pad is easily damaged by the cleaning agent,so in the next construction, should be replaced in time.

various packers

 Classification and description

There are four types of injection packers according to materials: aluminum packers, steel packers, copper packers and plastic packers. The previous three is the front stop type, that is, the reverse valve of injection packers is located at the inlet; Rear stop type is the reverse valve of the feed port is located at the outlet. you can select packers according to specific conditions. The front  type packers can be rotated down to relieve pressure and drain after the grouting nozzle is installed , and then screwed up after grouting is finished.  As to rear stop type packers, it can not drain and relieve pressure after installed, but the grouting nozzle can be removed for the construction of the next procedure after the completion of construction.

 Application scope:

  1. Subway, tunnel, culvert, sewage treatment pool, concrete crack leakage, with water plugging.
  2. Basement, underground garage, underground passage, concrete crack leakage, with water plugging.
  3. Roof concrete plate cracks, through the wall pipe, corner, leakage, with water plugging.
  4. Crack in concrete structures, beams, columns and plates, high pressure injection of epoxy resin.


Chemical grouting and plugging is an effective construction method for concrete repair.
It is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, tunnels, municipalities, industrial and civil buildings, etc. With the massive use of new equipment, new machinery and new materials, it not only improves the construction quality, but also greatly improves the working efficiency, shortens the construction period, reduces the construction cost, and has good economic effect.

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