Diameter18mm Injection Packers

new injection packers

This kind of Injection Packers can be used Injections of the cracks. Sealing injections. Epoxy resins, polyurethane resins. It is High quality product. Good tightness. Perforated long rubber provides very good fixing. Head has tube corpus which at given length makes fixing much easier. Adapted for high quality Hexagonal nipple or Button / Flat head […]

Injection Lances

injection lances

13x1000mm Steel Injection lances , it is used for ļ¬lling voids in the ground with injection material, increasing the bearing capacity of the building ground, and renovations of the buildings.

new design steel packers

new steel packers

New design steel packers We have our  research and development department can custom any packers for our customers. this new design packers is for one of our important customer. if anyone who wanna custom packers, please feel free to contact us by [email protected] .

Process Of Chemical Grouting

Injection Grouting

Process Of Chemical Grouting The construction of high-pressure chemical grouting shall be carried out by the construction team with professional training person and professional construction equipment.

What is Chemical Grouts technology?


Introduction to chemical grouts technology Concrete building crack is the main cause of concrete building damage, crack leakage is the most headache problem, because the cracks inside the concrete is completely ruleless. The general traditional plugging method is gouging the crack or leakage, and make surface plugging, but the result is here is blocked the […]